BackMaintenance Report

Maintenance sessions happen every 2 to 3 months when lights/locks/drains are all inspected and maintained. We also assist the gardening and cleaning teams during these sessions so volunteers from the parish are invited to help.

In addition, we undertook

* electrical repairs to the hall hand-dryer, the hall disabled toilet fan, the faulty light switch in the Lady chapel and the faulty heater in the church porch.

* extending and replacing faulty CCTV cameras around the church properties.

* installing screens in the Lady Chapel and on the altar.

* installing a solid boundary fence in the presbytery garden and replacing the damaged garage fence.

* supervising and enabling Dennis' enhancement of The Stations of The Cross and altar panels.

* painting flower stand.

* fixing leaks in the presbytery bathroom and kitchen.

And a series of meetings/phone calls and emails with the diocesan representative regarding church roof replacement.

Currently we are in the process of

* replacing the damaged post in the rear car park.

* replacing the leaking down-pipe on the sacristy flat roof.

* investigating the flooding in the boiler room.

* repairing the brickwork in the boiler room entrance.

* repairing and re-fixing the loft window panels.

* servicing the church wheelchair.

* replacing the damaged capping stone on the entrance pillar.

* cleaning and painting the church porch canopy.

At the maintenance session on 25th March we will

* install a lock in the church cleaners' cupboard.

* descale the hall kitchen water heater.

* mend the back of the chair in the hall porch.

* check and lubricate all locks.

* check all lights.

* check all drains.

* sort books in the St Michael's Room.

* sort out hall kitchen cupboards.

* weed around church properties.

* move all church seating and sweep the floor.

* vacuum and dust the Upper Room.

We would gratefully accept help with any of the tasks listed above. If you can manage an hour or so on Saturday 25th March, please contact the office