BackSunday Lunches for the Homeless

This happens at the United Reformed Church Hall, Shirley High Street, every Sunday in the year ( including holidays) from approx.9.30 to 2.30pm. Each Sunday a team of about 8-10  volunteer adults, from all churches, in Southampton meets to prepare, cook ,serve and clear up a lunch for usually about 60-90 homeless clients ( men.women and sometimes children).

There are 7 teams on a rota ( each team only once in 7 weeks) and it is entirely funded by the donations from several Southampton Parishes ( inc. I.C.) and by special fund raising events during the year.

It is a properly registered Charity and has run for approx. 30 years serving some 90,000 lunches to peoples of all races,colours,creeds,genders. Training,supervision and guidance is given by a team of experienced leaders and the work is done in a friendly, caring, compassionate, joyful manner. Currently approx.12 of our parish are involved and Nominated leader: Steve Deadman.

There is a smaller group, part of the same Project, which are based in Woolston and do lunches for 20-30 people in a similar fashion.