Pastor's Corner

Easter Message

May that Light of the Risen Christ fill you with His Joy, Courage, Love and Peace. May your eyes truly see His road; your passion for Him burn brightly, and every life’s challenge be a place where His Light enters you. Have a Blessed and joy-filled Easter! Fr Antony

16th April 2017 Homily

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A Warm Welcome to Immaculate Conception Faith Community website!

Fr Antony welcomes you all to the Immaculate Conception Faith Community website. "It is a joy to welcome you! We are a dynamic, multi cultural, Catholic Faith Community with a rich diversity of ethnicities, cultures and religious traditions..."

06th April 2017 Message

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Today is the Launch of our advertising and promotion for our Pastoral Area's Faith Festival to be held around our churches from 23 June to 9 July. We wish to share our faith in many dimensions to build us up on our journies but also to reach out to our friends and neighbours and anyone who wishes to listen, learn and share in Southampton. Over the coming months we will be advertising in many areas in our city and we will be asking if you can share, help, support in any capacity.

22nd January 2017 Article

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Once again, THANK YOU! To the many parishioners who worked so tirelessly and gave of themselves so generously to make our Advent, Christmas and New Year such a God-filled experience, THANK YOU!

08th January 2017 Article

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Fr Antony’s Christmas Message

My dear Friends: I wish you a Blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with Health, Joy, Love and Peace.

25th December 2016 Message

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World Mission Sunday

Next Sunday, 23 October, is World Mission Sunday. This special day is an opportunity for Catholics worldwide to join together to pray for the missionary work of our Church and to give what we can to missionaries and churches overseas that need our help.

23rd October 2016 Article

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Transfigured and Transfixed

Noon in Galilee, Dawn by the Japanese sea. The Spirit hovers silently, while the Enola Gay* drones away. Four men on a mountain top: 350 down in the valley.

07th August 2016 Article

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