Today is the Launch of our advertising and promotion for our Pastoral Area's Faith Festival to be held around our churches from 23 June to 9 July. We wish to share our faith in many dimensions to build us up on our journies but also to reach out to our friends and neighbours and anyone who wishes to listen, learn and share in Southampton. Over the coming months we will be advertising in many areas in our city and we will be asking if you can share, help, support in any capacity.

Prayer will be vital as we seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and we ask God to lead us into his paths for the future while celebrating with everyone now.

We have speakers such as The Iraneus Community, David Wells, Sister Maria Natella coming and we have many events planned with Crafts, Sports, Dance, Music, Food - all ways in which we can share our love of God and each other. We will be finishing with a Big Mass at St .Mary’s Stadium on the afternoon of 9 July.

Please take a prayer card after Mass, pray for us and the event and allow God to prompt you to joining us in some way. 'Please do something with love' as St Theresa of Calcutta would say.