BackTransfigured and Transfixed

Noon in Galilee, Dawn by the Japanese sea.

The Spirit hovers silently,

while the Enola Gay* drones away.

Four men on a mountain top: 350 down in the valley.

The Son of Man and a bomb christened ‘Little Boy’.

Silently the cloud descends;

just as silently a parachute unfurls.

Four men see nothing but Jesus,

while 75,000 are never seen again.

Whiter than any new bleached cloth the face of Christ,

brighter than a thousand suns the flash.

‘This is my Son, the Beloved. Listen to him.’

This is the nuclear age, be very afraid.

And the clouds weep their atomic rain.

Christ transfigured and the world transfixed,

the dawning of the light of Christ,

the beginning of the nuclear winter.

The date of both – August 6.

Rev Rob Esdaile

*Enola Gay is the name of the aircraft that dropped the atomic bomb on 6 August 1945; ‘Little Boy was the name of the bomb.