BackFr Antony’s Christmas Message

My dear Friends,

I wish you a Blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with Health, Joy, Love and Peace.

Once again, we are celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace. Yet, as we look around our world, from the waves of refugees, oppressed and dispossessed peoples from Syria and other countries, which have turned many European cities into refugee camps, and parts of the Mediterranean into cemeteries, we could ask where is this Prince of Peace? The answer is, of course, He is in our midst already!

Isn't it amazing how the heart of a global leader can dictate the present and future, the joy or pain, the happiness or misery, the prosperity or destitution, the health or suffering of millions of people! Or the ways in which belief in, and love for, God can touch others with the balm of healing, restore justice to the oppressed, and radiate life-giving hope to the marginalized. Or tragically, when greed, ruthless and oppressive quest for power at any cost, devolve into death-giving ideologies.

On this Christmas morn, I guess we have to ask ourselves: in OUR hearts, in OUR words, in OUR actions, to what do WE give birth? Essentially, each one of us has the capacity to give birth to the Prince of Peace whose birth we celebrate today. Do you remember that hymn: Let There be Peace on Earth and Let It Begin With Me. Well, that is where Love, Peace, Justice, Compassion and Forgiveness have their genesis!

If we want our world to change for the better, it has to "begin with me" in the here and now. It starts with ME in the home, around the table, in my conversations with family, friends and others. It starts when I change the cynical comment into an affirming one; the ugly mood and selfish demands into creating an atmosphere and environment of joy, hope, love, generosity, peace and compassionate concern for those around me. Christ is born into my time and era, each time His Love, His generosity, His compassion, His forgiveness, His peace and His Justice flow into MY words and actions.

Indeed, a Saviour has been born to us...if we say the "Yes" to His being born into our lives, hearts, words and actions this, and every day. It is then that His love and peace will pierce the darkness of the agonies we see around us. It is then we shall truly experience the world changing event of his birth which we are celebrating today. Saying the "yes", and in my actions, becoming the "yes" can change our lives and world. A truly blessed Christmas and New Year to you.

Remember me as loving you,
Fr. Antony