BackGaudete/Rejoice Sunday!

My dear Friends:

Take a deep breath! Today is the Third Sunday of Advent Gaudete/Rejoice Sunday! To state the obvious, next Sunday is the Fourth Sunday of Advent. However, it is also Christmas Eve!

Usually between the Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas day, we have yet one more week to prepare our hearts to welcome the Prince of Peace. This year, the last Sunday of Advent is also Christmas Eve. It might help us if we draw an imaginary line between next Sunday morning (Fourth Sunday of Advent), and the Sunday evening, Christmas Eve.

Please remember that next Sunday Morning, the Fourth Sunday of Advent, there will be only one mass at 9.30 a.m……draw the imaginary line---------

Next Sunday evening, Christmas Eve:

6.30 p.m. Family Mass

10.30 p.m. Carol Service

11.00 p.m. ‘Midnight’ (Vigil) Mass

I do hope this helps to visually clear, rather than muddy the waters! Please make it a week of true rejoicing as we prepare our hearts and families to welcome Jesus, and carry his message of love and peace into our communities and world.

Love, Joy and Peace.

Fr. Antony