BackJesus, The Divine Physician

My dear Friends:

The image of Jesus, The Divine Physician, is one very close to my heart. In today’s gospel we hear about Jesus touching with healing numerous people who are wounded in body, spirit and mind. You have often heard me quote the words of the great Eastern Mystic Rumi: ‘A wound is a door through which the light enters … and that … we are surrounded by oceans of unshed tears’.

Today’s readings could easily apply to our own personal and collective journeys towards healing, and the casting out of the crippling fears which often sabotage our potential, haemorrhage our confidence, and fill us with self-doubt.

We rarely bury our wounded feelings dead! They are invariable alive and active no matter how many years we pile on top of the box in which we have buried them.  Our journey towards healing often begins when we take those wounds, which sometimes never seem to heal, to the Divine Physician and embrace them with our hearts as well as our minds. Hopefully, as I shall explain in the homily, this is the true journey toward healing those wounds.

Peace, Joy and Blessings,

Fr. Antony