BackLent's theme: 'A Journey Towards Healing and Wholeness'

My dear Friends,

Well, as you see from the newsletter, Wednesday is Ash Wednesday! Doesn’t time just fly!

The theme for this Lent is A Journey Towards Healing and Wholeness. With all the pressures, stresses, anxieties, demands and responsibilities made on us, there are times when we feel over-stretched, and sometimes fragmented and broken.

During this Lent, our talks and general Lenten programme will focus on our journey towards healing and wholeness. We shall look at, and hopefully experience, the ways in which Jesus can enter our lives as the Divine Healer and Divine Physician.

Each one of us, too, can be a source of healing and wholeness for the other. This Lent can be a very exciting time to explore these opportunities and possibilities!

Do join us!

Peace, Joy and Love,

Fr. Antony